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Buzzwords and Charlatans

This is a pretty funny (and right on the money) ad from Adobe.

The interwebs industry is full of buzzword wielding posers and charlatans who  in some cases know just enough to be dangerous, but usually not nearly enough to be in any way effective.

Case in point:

A few months ago, I was talking to a gentleman who had helped his brother (an SEO genius, I was assured) start a company devoted to helping businesses improve their Search Engine Optimization. Setting aside for the moment the discussion about SEO being kind of…over, I nodded politely, hearing this financial dude talk about his little bro who was a friggin’ genius I tell you, and the company he helped the guy start. Amazed that I hadn’t heard of the company (I mean there are probably only, what…a BILLION SEO companies out there, right?) I looked them up on the web and laughed out loud (my wife thought I was watching Modern Family on Hulu again, much to her chagrin, because she doesn’t think that show is funny at all – but how the hell can you not think Modern Family is funny for God’s sake?) because when I hit the website, I saw this SEO company had a PageRank of…

Wait for it…


Yea, three. 3.

Jesus, I just relaunched this blog, have about eight posts on it and it has a PageRank of 3.

Okay, PageRank (named, by the way, for Google co-founder Larry Page, not for “web page”) is the definitive measure of a website’s profile on the web, based on an algorithm that takes into consideration inbound links, relevence to its own keywords, site layout, etc…YouTube‘s homepage has a PageRank of 9.

Here’s a little perspective for you. I picked what sounded like a little radio station in a little market at random to check their PageRank. Froggy 99.9 in Fargo, North Dakota has a PageRank of 4.

That’s 25% higher than the PageRank of this SEO company started by a real genius SEO guru. Really!

Maybe said guru is one of the guys in the Adobe* ad.

* – Adobe’s homepage has a PageRank of 9, by the way.

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