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Europe’s Mistake

The refugee problem is a difficult one. Thousands of refugees from war-torn countries are flooding into Europe every day. It’s both tragic, and dangerous, but there’s really no way around it, because Europe has been checkmated. Sharia law is coming to the continent, and there’s no longer a damn thing they can do about it. Islam has made forays into Europe in the past. Hungary, even Southern Spain has served as the leading edge of earlier Islamic invasions. Warfare and trade were the modes of transportation of their religion and way of life, in the past, but in modern times, they have figured out a much better way to bring Europe under the Caliphate.

It’s hard to sneak soldiers into a country pretending to be refugees. It doesn’t take long for even the slowest state leaders to figure that one out. Why recruit, train, equip and deploy soldiers at your own expense, when your enemy will do it for you? That’s what’s going on here, and if Europe doesn’t figure it out soon, they are doomed.

The leaders of the Islamic world are clever, cunning, completely evil, and most importantly, patient. They are creating chaos in the Muslim world, killing their own people, and driving them from their homes. Many end up as refugees in European countries, who are looking for ways to address their shrinking populations. Too many old people, not enough babies, in countries like Germany and France. They need people willing to work for lower wages than natives would accept, but also professionals, like doctors and lawyers. By creating war, the Muslims are seeding the fertile grounds of Europe. Hundreds of thousands, eventually millions of Muslims will find refuge in European countries, settle in, and have children. No matter how much they are needed, do you really think a Muslim boy is going to grow up well-adjusted, respected and appreciated in Germany? Or, not to single out the Germans, will the French accept and admire him?

No. He will not have the same opportunities native Europeans have, and he will grown up to resent it. He will be radicalized, and used as a tool of the leaders of Islam. This boy, once he grows up, will be a weapon that was created, funded, educated and fed by parents who only wanted a place of freedom and opportunity for their children to grow up in. In many cases, the governments will shoulder a great portion of the cost, and that investment will be stolen by the Caliphate, when it radicalizes the next generation. To see this happens, the Islamic world will not be thankful for Europe’s offering of refuge, but will sew violence in order to see that the continent’s newcomers are never easily integrated into European society. They will work hard to make sure the children of the next generation have a difficult time being Muslim, growing up in Europe. The harder their lives, the easier the job of radicalizing them.

It doesn’t matter whether these tools are used to kill, or simply to change the culture through elections and societal pressure. Europe will become Muslim, under Sharia law. Bet on it. 

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Leaf Blower Culture

imgresComing home after dropping my son off at school this morning, I turned onto our street and was again assaulted by the noise of two or three leaf blowers being fired up by landscapers getting a start on their day in my neighborhood. I often wonder what happens when the landscapers of next-door neighbors show up to do their work at the same time. I’m assuming that, by mutual agreement, they turn their blowers away from each other toward the houses on the other sides, otherwise, unless one of the landscapers had a much more powerful leaf blower, they would be there all day.

Because leaf blowers don’t really clean anything up, they just transfer the ownership of a problem (leaves) from one person to another. Hey, I’ve got some junk on my lawn. I’m going to blow it on yours, ok? Except there’s never an “ok?” involved. The landscaping industry has really done something brilliant here. They basically get paid to litter, and create more work for their fellow landscapers. My landscaper blows leaves and dust onto my neighbor’s property, which means my neighbor’s landscaper (who used to be mine, until I fired him because his work sucked) has work, mostly involving blowing dirt and leaves toward the neighbor on the other side, or (more probably) toward the lawn of his former customer (me).

It’s the same thing as “dusting” inside the house (or, as Amelia Bedelia calls it, “undusting”). I never got that, either. I mean, when you use a feather duster to brush the thin coating of dust on tables and furniture, unless you’re brushing it toward a teeny-tiny black hole that sucks in the dust, sending it through a wormhole to another point in the space-time, you’re wasting your time, creating a temporary sense of clean. When the dust settles back down, however, you’re right back to where you started. When science does give us the ability to create tiny black holes, we’ll be recreating the landscaper problem, sending the dust from our fireplace mantles, end tables and lamps into either another part of the universe, or a different universe altogether. I hope whoever lives there don’t have huge space battleships that could trace the small black holes back to our universe/planet, and come and kill us. I’d hate to see the end of the human species be over a desire to have dust and crumb-free living room furniture.

Now of course, there are those landscapers who use leaf blowers to gather lawn detritus together so they can scoop up, bag and transport it. But, the vast majority are just walking around, leaf blowers blowing, making their customer’s problem someone else’s.

Unfortunately, this strategy isn’t limited to lawn work, and we’re increasingly applying leaf-blower techniques to other areas of our life. Think about the things you do today, and ask yourself, am I really solving problems and getting things done, or am I just “leaf-blowing” away the things that get in my way? Take the example of Crypto Code. Many people think it’s a quick fix, but what’s really important is its longevity and staying power — which can only be achieved if you really take to heart how this industry works.

One of the biggest examples of this, is debt. The United States has anywhere from $17 to $30 TRILLION in debt (depending on who you ask and how honest they are). Our government spends more every year than it collects in tax revenue, and puts the difference on a big credit card that they get to determine the credit limit on. Doing this is just like firing up a big leaf blower and blowing it to where are kids and grandkids will be living when they grow up and start working (if there are any jobs left). We need to stop this.

First of all, we need to put someone in charge to collect all the leaves (debts), bag them, and find a way to, in an environmentally kind way, get rid of them. To overextend the metaphor, I’d recommend not burning them (defaulting), but finding a way to use them as we cut down on the number of leaves that fall in the first place. Okay, the metaphor is officially over-extended. That would mean cutting down the tree and replacing it with a plastic tree-like structure. Bad idea. But you know what I mean. Right now, we’re blowing the leaves mostly into the yard of the Chinese family that lives next door. If we start burning the leaves we’ve sent them, it may catch their house on fire, and that’s a bad idea, because they’ve got more than a billion relatives, and lots of nuclear weapons. Who wants to piss off neighbors like that?

Hey, maybe this metaphor has some legs after all.

At any rate, lets try and start to go easier on the leaf blowers, but in the meantime, let’s not piss off the Chinese people next door.