Starsky and Ron

I distinctly remember sitting in Government class at HHS in 1977, looking out the window and seeing at 1976 Ford Gran Torino in Starsky and Hutch paint, stopped at the Cross Street stop sign. I decided at that moment that I wanted one of those cars. Still want one. Little did I know, that very car was being driven by my friend Ron Carter, who lived in Indy and was ditching school that day. I would meet and work with Ron for several years at Windy 100 in Chicago. It would be until a cold, winter’s day in 2000 when Ron and I realized he was behind the wheel that day.Funny how life works, huh?

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Sonny’s Panhead

10385409_10152426835391718_6393355007391741670_n Sonny Barger on a Harley Panhead.

My Dad and Grandfather both rode a Panhead, that at its biggest was 74 cubic inches (1200 cc). When my Dad first saw my Fat Bob, he said “wow, that’s smaller that I thought it would be.” I didn’t have the heart to tell him the engine was almost 50% bigger than his old Panny.

Enjoy Your Ride Today. MLH&R!! &



Fascinating info about the clinically observed benefits of long hair and facial hair for men. For a few years, I wore my hair long (about halfway down my back) and am now not sure of my decision to let the WONDERFUL Charles Ifergan cut it all off when I was on the radio in Chicago.

Probably should have kept it, and simply used his products! My wife does still have the ponytail in a ziplock bag, tied with my favorite Highlander hair tie, something my 12 year old finds both unbelievable and hilarious.

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