Game of Thrones Fans: What to do AFTER the Finale

I know, I know.
There are only 3 episodes left. What will you DO after the finale?
Fear not. I’ve got your back.

I hear a lot about the “originality” of the HBO production of Game of Thrones. Now, don’t get me wrong. I like the show. I loved the books, even though George R.R. Martin dramatically slowed down writing them, allowing the series to slide past the books in terms of telling the story. When told of his readers’ dissatisfaction, this was his reaction:

Some of this was…kinda complimentary, considering Martin isn’t a spring chicken any longer. He’s not that old, but still. Some readers are definitely concerned he’ll die before finishing the book series, and that would be…well, terrible.

But seriously, books aside, what are you going to do when GoT ends? I’ve got a series of books for you to read that honestly, is partially responsible for Game of Thrones.

In January of 1990, Robert Jordan published the book he had started writing in 1984, The Eye of the World. The series that sprang from that book became The Wheel of Time, consisting of 14 books (plus a much shorter novella). The finale, A Memory of Light, was published in 2013, almost 6 years after Jordan died. Fortunately, Jordan had prepared extensive notes prior to his death, and the excellent novelist Brandon Samuelson was engaged to finish the last book and a half. He did a fantastic job, completing the complex narrative in a most satisfying way.

So, the idea of a popular novelist dying before finishing his series isn’t unheard of.

I’m not sure about the relationship between George R.R. Martin and Robert Jordan, and don’t even know if they knew each other. But, let me warn you: If you begin reading Jordan’s work and find yourself thinking hey, this guy’s ripping off Game of Thrones!.

No, he didn’t. Not saying the opposite is true, just saying WoT was first published in 1990. The first book in the GoT series, A Song of Ice and Fire popped off the presses in 1996. The stories are very different, but both relate to a coming darkness, and the need for many warring nations to come together to defeat the encroaching evil. There’s no real “game of thrones,” but there is much discussion and narrative regarding a “game of houses,” where different families play politics that can get pretty involved.

If you give WoT a try, please resist blaming Jordan for copying Game of Thrones because he’s not. Not saying Martin copied the Wheel of Time series, just that there will things that remind you of GoT.